What Can JustControl.it Do for You?

In this first post, we would like to introduce our marketing analytics solution. We will also provide some details regarding what it promises and explain why JustControl.it is your direction to go. 

Make sure to read this piece if you are searching for a reliable tool for data collection and analysis.

Because the chances are that you have just found it…. 

Industry Landscape

There is no shortage of marketing platforms generating digital data in the industry. According to our estimates, there are as many as 7 000 of them. That is a lot. So one could ask us why we are adding one more tool to this enormous range. The answer is simple: as we believe, JustControl.it will make a difference even in such a competitive environment. 

The reason is that other tools may be insufficient, in one way or another. 

For example, such a solution may offer you a powerful API while having no dashboard (or just an inconvenient one). Alternatively, it may feature a dashboard without API. Or it may collect data either from a single source or from a limited amount of them. Finally, it may be too expensive.  

Anyway, such options would be inconvenient:  

– you can stay focused on a certain solution of choice and miss important data 

– you can try to combine several tools for numerous sources at once and suffer from discrepancies, mistakes, and burnout.  

This is a problem. Luckily, you have an alternative now. 

Why Do You Need JustControl.it? 

First, you can get data from literally any source you may need. Due to an advanced API, our solution can be quickly linked to virtually any data source, literally ‘on demand’. Whatever you may need, social media, ad networks, internal services, external trackers, etc. it will be activated. 

Second, figures are collected from all the possible layers, down to the lowest degree of detail. 

Third, your findings are visualized via configurable dashboards featuring customizable charts, widgets, and graphs. That is to say, your data from different sources is going to be presented in the very format you define.

Forth, the raw data received from your trackers will be transformed into a coherent and clear picture. 

Fifth, cohort analysis is enabled and cohort-based reports can be built on the basis of your raw data.

Sixth, dedicated servers will secure seamless data flow and work, without crushing windows, lasting pauses, and irritating halts. 

Seventh, JustControl.it offers an easy-to-use system of access management so that you can assign roles, share data and take of your confidentiality. 

What does it mean to me, practically?

Well, it depends on your needs. 

We can help you radically solve in-house problems associated with data harmonization stemming from multiple heterogeneous sources. 

We can also facilitate your cooperation with external partners collaborating with you. 

Needless to say, with JustControl.it your workload will diminish, your costs will be reduced, and your business processes will be optimized. You can also be sure that your actions will be seamless, swift, and confidential. 

Right now you can start using our solution as an early adopter, on easy and favorable terms.

So, request a free demo ASAP!