Six Ways to Compare with our Competitors

As we always say, our main objective is to create an outstanding solution for marketing analytics and automation capable of becoming a game-changer. In conformity with this, it is our top priority to offer such advantages that cannot be matched. In this post, we would like to name a few of them. 
Surely, the market is changing every second, and so are the available solutions: new capabilities and functions are added every day. That is to say, this list may become obsolete later. However, right now, as we believe, it is a compelling argument to choose for your digital marketing needs. 

  • First, via, you can potentially cover an unlimited amount of sources. For sure, there is always a limit, but technically we can integrate any data source on demand, quite quickly. Just start using our solution and request a source when needed. Our architecture makes it possible to link it. 
  • Second, facilitates your work with individual publishers to an unprecedented extent. Each network you may use contains countless site_ids you need to manage somehow, i.e. blacklist them, whitelist them, alter rates for them. Our solution makes it possible to easily and quickly dive deep, identify zones that require your attention and act immediately.
  • Third, normally, we do not display discrepancies. Here, we mean what we say. Over the previous year, we have put to numerous tests based on various sources on multiple occasions. We never registered any statistically significant discrepancy. We also never received substantial complaints from our customers.
  • Fourth, to provide effective work experience, features a multi-layered system to manage access rights. With it, one can assign roles to set up, alter, and view ongoing marketing activities. In addition to convenience, this system simultaneously secures confidentiality and seamlessness. 
  • Fifth, if you take all these factors into consideration, you will instantly realize that makes your cooperation with partners transparent, productive, and smooth. No unnecessary arguments, no waste of time, no excessive spending.
  • Sixth, with, you need no development team to keep things going, tailor the solution to your needs, and maintain your activities. Many other solutions promise this. But once you start using them in practice, you end up needing qualified staff to get things done. With our support team will handle all this work. 

Shortly, we will continue this list. So stay tuned! 
And to not forget to book a demo if you find this interesting.