Reasons Why Is Likely to Be Much Better Than Your Current Analytical Tool was launched over a year ago. Since then we have managed to create a truly outstanding solution. It is more than our personal opinion or estimate. After all, we as a team might be biased a little bit. However, the feedback we have received from our early adopters is univocal. According to them, our solution is almost always better than any available alternatives tried by them before.

Let us cite a couple of their responses.

A. ‘We like your accurate collection of data related to our ad spending. It is also great that this data is then automatically transferred to Sigma’. 

B. ‘What we like is the way you collect data concerning spending, calculation of ad rates, stable functioning, timely alerts, and consolidated reports’. 

C. ‘We appreciated your flexibility. One can really tailor to a particular situation’. 

D. ‘We would like to highlight how expediently you integrate sources so that we can obtain data. Your dashboard is also convenient and comprehensive’ 

E. ‘You allow deeper analysis. We can examine any situation down to an individual creative. We can even see what links our partners use’. 

These advantages were highlighted in the most recent customer survey held two weeks ago. More than this, 80% of our respondents confirmed that our solution was either ‘perfect’ or ‘very good’. 94% said they were likely to recommend us to their partners and colleagues.

As we know, this high level of customer satisfaction can be attributed to the following factors.

1. is a Construction Kit

As a team of seasoned professionals, we know that it is virtually impossible to develop a tool with predefined limited scenarios for all occasions and eventualities. After all the trackers and ticket systems we have used or worked on, it is self-evident for us.

Thus, your needs as a customer will always be too unique to be comprehensively covered by a typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ capability. 

That is why is more than just a customizable tool. It is not even a toolbox. It is a construction kit you can use to build a data processing machine you require.

2. Universally Reliable Data 

We extract data as it is, without discrepancies and distortions, in all parts. It is also of importance that this data is not processed according to our default preferences. It is always up to you which attributes are of importance. Correspondingly, we retrieve everything, down to the deepest level, and parse it for the identifiers that you and only you need. So that you can get a picture you need.

3. Raw Data Augmented by Revenue and Efficiency Indicators

In addition to the raw data, we can provide you with data related to revenue and other dimensions of efficiency. All we need to do is to connect to a tracker and extract data from it. More than that, we can integrate such data in consolidated reports matching it with the raw data.

4. Infrastructure as Code 

Our mission is to create an environment where you can work seamlessly, with no interruptions. Thus, from the very beginning, we always dedicated a special ‘area’ for you where you can operate regardless of other users. This approach is highly scalable: we never experience system overloads and crushes.

5. Unlimited Sources 

Right now there are 35 sources instantly available with us. However, if you need a special source, all you need to do is to inform us. We will promptly activate almost any source of digital data upon request. Our architecture makes it possible.

6. No Development Team Needed    

You might have already heard from other service providers that you are not going to need a dedicated workforce on your side to keep things going with them. In most cases, this is false. At the same time, it is true with us. Our support team will take care of your needs. After that, you can use easily on your own.

7. Other Reasons

It is possible to continue this list

We promise you no discrepancies, complete security in your own dedicated environment, a thorough system to assign roles, and manage access rights. 

So just let us remind you that seeing once is better than hearing twice

Stop wasting time and money.

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