Raw Data is the New Oil: How JustControl.it Helps you Extract and Use It

Basically, raw data can be defined as data extracted directly from a source. It is data that hasn’t been processed and/or transformed yet, either manually or in an automated fashion. Such data may be generated by social media, ad networks, trackers, in-house BI solutions, etc.

Particular sources do not matter that much.

What matters is that if your company is active enough, you will inevitably end up at an intersection of several heterogeneous raw data flows. If these raw data flows are complicated and rapid, you will get stuck in them and start ‘drowning’. Thus, abundance and diversity of data are a major challenge.        

Dealing with it efficiently is an important issue every digital marketer faces. Almost every analyst and digital marketer knows this problem when numerous sources of traffic, different models, and multiple constantly tested creatives make data-driven decisions complicated.

Back in 2012, the following interesting observation was made by Harvard Business Review: ‘it isn’t uncommon to see reports overflowing with data and benchmarks drawn from millions of underlying data points… and new data streams… In contrast to this abundant data, insights are relatively rare. Insights here are defined as actionable, data-driven findings that create business value.

Since then, the situation has become even worse. New social media emerged. New trackers focused on particular channels and metrics became available. Monetization strategies got more sophisticated (just think of all the LTV-related factors). 

In other words, nowadays it is not a challenge to see a complete picture.

Seeing a complete and clear picture is a real challenge that matters.

JustControl.it is a marketing analytics solution that is intended to address this very problem. 

JustControl.it and Raw Data: Capabilities 

In conformity with the aforementioned goal, JustControl.it is capable of:

• automatically collecting, transforming, and standardizing raw data provided by different sources, including but not limited to, various popular trackers;

• presenting complete statistics across all of your applications, in any connection and at any level of detail;

• building cohort reports based on your raw data;

• detecting and fighting fraud;

• making projections and forecasts premised on your formulas and experience;

• evaluating partners and third-party platforms. 

How is Raw Data Processed via JustControl.it?

Below you can find several steps representing a sequence of actions our users may perform via JustControl.it. This particular scenario is based on extracting raw data from a tracker. So, please, view these stages as an approximate guideline. 

For sure, after you start using with JustControl.it and adjust our solution to your needs and scenarios, your steps and screens may look different. Once again, you can utilize JustControl.it not only with trackers, but with an entire range of sources you can activate on ‘demand’. 

Stage one

The data is extracted from a source. As you can see, tags associated with countries, managers, and platforms are given here.    

Stage two

The JustControl.it tool processes the raw statistics.

Stage three

At this stage, it becomes possible to filter data by countries, managers, and countries. 

Stage four

Then it is possible to add info regarding your revenue from your internal analytical solution or external tracker.

Stage five

After that, one can add info related to sources and any other data-related ‘tags’.

Stage six 

To sum up, with JustControl.it you can tune your filters based on countries and platforms across all the sources linked to the system. It means you can create your own customized and coherent picture meeting your criteria. Thus, making a data-driven decision in conformity with a relevant report is not a problem anymore. 

Stage seven

More than that, JustControl.it can facilitate your collaboration with different partners via its capability to automatically calculate rates. Timely and precise data will always be at your disposal, literally at any moment. 


Do not waste time, resources and nerves with inadequate solutions that cannot cover all of your sources, partners and data types simultaneously. Opt for JustControl.it. Our tool will ‘cook’ your raw data expediently and quickly.