Our Head of Product: JustControl.it and Its Prospects

There is always an outstanding team behind every great product. A team that resolves challenges, materializes a vision and meets requirements. Today we are going to talk to the head of our team, our Head of Product, about JustControl.it, its purposes and features, and the people who have made it possible. 

Tell us about yourself a little bit. For how long have you been working with digital data? When did you start developing JustControl.it? 

I entered the world of digital data roughly 7 years ago when I started to work for a big agency, namely DataLead. Since then, I have managed to take part in a lot of directions. Initially, I was employed as a front-end developer. After that, I successively worked as Front-End Lead, Development Lead, Product Owner, and Head of Product.

As such, I participated in developing a click tracker; CRM-tools for agencies; tools to organize and evaluate the media-buying processes; and a public web-service to connect buyers and customers and to ensure effective interactions between them. Among other things, for instance, we developed some innovative tools to optimize and automate advertising activities on Facebook.

Recently I have moved to a new level and started to develop a brand-new product which is amazing in my opinion. I mean JustControl.it

How did your previous experience influence JustControl.it? 

JustControl.it is a result of a long process. That is to say, it has taken some time to accumulate knowledge of the existing problems, soft spots, typical scenarios practiced by individual publishers, agencies, other players. We all took our knocks earlier in our careers. It helped us create a workable high-potential architecture from the very beginning. 

Is it possible to describe the main idea behind JustControl.it? What would be your wording? 

I would say so: JustControl.it enables you to concentrate on our performance and results. This is the main idea. 

What do you mean when you say ‘performance’ and ‘results’? 

I mean what businesses actually do: they somehow satisfy customers’ needs to make money. We make it possible to focus on this very goal. Namely, we ensure stability, data accuracy, flexibility, and data security. 

Let me compare you with your competitors. If we do so, what would be your main advantage against this background? 

First, we integrate data sources, on-demand, quicker. Second, the flexibility of our data transformation tools is impressive. Third, the convenience of our API. Fourth, the high level of security related to data storage. Fifth, our smart system to manage access rights. Sixth, our pricing policy that can be adjusted to your business environments and requirements.

Got it. Who is supposed to benefit from these points? Who is your ‘ideal’ customer? 

Each organization is unique. I cannot give you a single one. It may be an app developer with at least one successful project in the portfolio. Their monetization model has already been tested in practice and turned out to be viable. They are now preoccupied with User Acquisition (UA) which implies more sources and more partners. 

That is when we come and where we can be helpful. We will help them tune, control, and optimize the UA process, with no chaos and no interruptions.  

Sounds ambitious. Had there been any particular tech challenges to resolve before you arrived at this stage? 

We are proud of the entire current state of the system. I do not mean that there are no problems at all. There always are some problems. What makes us special is that we already know how to solve them and are solving them, gradually. 

It matters. 

I know some teams that do not know how to develop and improve their solutions further since their design, their concept, their architecture have been flawed from the very beginning.

Luckily, it is not our case. Our architecture was conceived and created as a flexible one. This is the main reason why we can move forward. 

Which direction requires most of your attention now? What is the next thing to add and/or to improve?

Right now we are working to add more tools and features to our interface and visualization capabilities. So, our main priority is to expand our front-end inventory and to broaden our coverage of data sources.

What will be the future of your solution in a year, in your opinion?

As I see it, in a year we are to have at least several dozens of big customers with significant amounts of data and specific scenarios totally covered. 

And what are the people that you need to attain this goal? What are your preferences when it comes to your team? 

A year ago we started with a core consisting of three members. Ever since our policy has been as follows. First and foremost, we need heads, not hands. I mean, hands also matter, but our colleagues should have not only purely technical skills to do what they are told to.

Our colleagues should also have comprehension. Our colleagues should understand what we do and why we do what we do. It requires imagination, it requires proactivity, it requires independent thinking, self-reliance, and engagement. We need seniors in all the possible aspects.

Your final remark. Imagine that you are talking to a potential customer right now? Why should this customer choose JustControl.it, a relatively young and not well-known solution? 

First, you cannot get what we offer from our competitors. Seriously, I mean it. Second, it is your chance to rely on a great team that is now ready to adapt to your scenarios and needs. I would not miss such a chance if I were a customer.