Our Head of Frontend Development: The Main Thing Is That We Like What We Are Doing

Frontend is the face of software. This presentation layer is what our customers deal with when they start using JustControl.it. So we believe it is a good idea to show you the main person behind this layer. Please, meet Vasily Pikulev, our Head of Frontend Development. In this post, he will share his experience and thoughts related to our solution and work at JustControl.it in general

Please, share some most important details regarding your previous professional path. 

Well, I am a frontend specialist with a record, so to say. My passion for design and layouts started with an old typewriter. Back then, in my childhood, I used it to ‘publish’ our own family’s home newspaper with little announcements. After that Web and HTML revealed new horizons for me. I had managed to carry out a lot of different projects before I joined DataLead 4 years ago to work as a Senior Frontend Developer.

After that, I started to work on a new project as its Head of Frontend Development. The project was all about innovative tools to optimize and automate advertising activities on Facebook.

That project was like an entire ‘compressed’ lifetime for me: we worked a lot, we learned many new things, made some mistakes, changed our course on several occasions, worked a lot again. It was a good, thorough, and challenging schooling for me. 

As a result, I joined JustControl.it with a clear vision, hands-on experience, and deep knowledge.  

What is this goal? Where are we going? 

We are on our way to a future where obtaining any piece of info related to your digital marketing campaigns, their progress, and outcomes – across all the possible platforms – is as easy as a web search engine query. 

We are determined to provide people with a tool capable of showing you a situation from any angle. This will save our customers’ resources and let them reach new levels of efficiency. This is the future I see.   

And what is your role in this process?

As you already know, I am a Head of Frontend Development. It means that my area of responsibility and engagement covers every component our users interact with directly. Right now I am focused on Web User Interface. 

One final question. What do you like in your workflow most? 

Our team is a really committed and multifaceted one. These two qualities make our workflow quite productive. All the processes are handled in an active fashion. We are constantly analyzing, appropriating, and applying our experience. We are also quick to adapt. I guess, this level of flexibility and productivity are our main features. However, the main thing is that we like what we are doing.