Our Connectors: Access Credentials Stored in One Single Place

There is never a week without good news for JustControl.it customers. This time, we are happy to tell you about our connectors. And there is a lot to tell.

Each of our customers uses some traffic sources. The most common practice to obtain info from these sources is to enter access credentials (for example, ‘secrets’ or ‘keys’, such as an API key or login and password, etc).

What is the difficulty here?

When we need to collect data from a source linked to a customer account, we also need to enable a specific integration. Such an integration would require us to set which particular data to collect and provide a schedule when to collect it. 

What is even more troublesome, is that sometimes one has to extract different data with the SAME credentials from the SAME very source, but with DIFFERENT settings or across DIFFERENT apps. Other settings related to data extraction from a source may need to be changed as well. 

Within this framework, until recently, we had to ask our customers to enter their credentials SEPARATELY for EACH instance of integration.

It took time and effort.

More than that, credentials expire from time to time. For example, a customer may need to change the password to a source. This means all the credentials must be entered again, for every integration. 

This pattern was not convenient for us and our customers. 

To resolve this issue, we developed and implemented our connectors.

What kind of capability is that?

It is a capability that enables our customers to store access credentials as a separate unit that can be ‘activated’ for an unlimited number of integrations.

How does this approach benefit our clients?

  • First, all you have to do is to ‘feed’ your access credentials into one place only. After that, these credentials will be sufficient to activate unlimited integrations and collect data across these integrations.
  • Second, if our customer needs to change the keys, it will be sufficient to enter a single place and change them there. After that, all the integrations will start using this updated key. It will not be necessary to alter the access key for each integration separately.
  • Third, all the access credentials continue to be stored, EXCLUSIVELY, in encrypted form and individual storage. Each customer also has a special and unique encryption code provided by Amazon Web Services.

With this in mind, the new capability of connectors means not only greater convenience but also greater security. There will be no more numerous copies for numerous integrations. There will be only one remaining copy to store in one place.

Beyond any doubt, it is our customers only who can manage their access keys. If our customers want, their connectors can be deleted instantly. Their access credentials will be immediately deleted too, at the same very moment (however, you should also remember that if you do so, the data stops to be collected). 

Are you already interested in greater security and convenience with our connectors?

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