Marketing a Digital Analytics Solution in a Competitive Environment: and Advantages to Communicate

A good product sells itself. At least, it is easier to sell a good product. On the other hand, the online marketing industry is extremely competitive. It is growing against all odds. It is lucrative. It is attractive to numerous outstanding teams. Hence, there are always many other solutions to compete with.   

In this piece, our Acting Head of Marketing discusses the specific advantages he seeks to highlight while promoting under such conditions.  

What is your background in digital marketing? 

I cannot say that my entire career has been dedicated to digital marketing. However, before joining, I did work for several IT-firms. One of them was a digital advertising platform. So I guess, I am well-prepared for this job. 

How can you describe your current role?  

Well, my main responsibility is to plan, oversee, and implement our marketing efforts as Acting Chief of Communications. Needless to say, it is a challenging and inspiring position. I like it a lot. More than that, I’m totally in my element here.

When you say ‘challenging’, what do you mean? 

Right now there are approximately 7 000 players in the digital marketing industry, according to our estimates. They are generating, processing, and analyzing data every second, 24/7, without a pause. In other words, it is not that easy to make your voice be heard against this background. After all, we are a young service that has to be visible in comparison with other well-established solutions. 

And what is ‘inspiring’? 

I adore digital marketing. It is a dream job for a person who is simultaneously interested in communications and figures (I studied political science, among other things, so I like figures). 

This industry is modern. It is ‘interactive’, so to say. It can be measured from different angles instantly. You have to be efficient in this industry, otherwise, you will have to quit it soon. This environment energizes you and makes you strive to excel. 

Let us talk about the solution. What makes it special? 

Look, as soon as you start expanding your digital presence, experimenting with multiple channels, and maximizing your UA activities, you inevitably start to combine several insufficient tools to cover these activities. 

And therein lies the catch. 

Some of them have a decent API, but no dashboards to use. This is inconvenient. 

Other services may offer an API with a dashboard. However, this dashboard is not user-friendly at all. 

Some have no API, which is not good even if there is a dashboard. 

Finally, Facebook, for instance, offers an incredible API together with a fine dashboard. At the same time, anyone who uses this solution can confirm that it is quite expensive. 

We offer these three things simultaneously. We have an API. You can customize your dashboard. Our pricing is more than affordable for businesses. I mean, every data source becomes extremely easy-to-use and totally transparent with us. And you do not have to pay a lot for it.

Anything else to add? 

Yes, sure.

The case is that if two, or even more, insufficient tools are used to control your performance and budget, you will experience more than minor inconveniences. It raises the risk of errors, discrepancies, conflicts with business partners. So why should you combine them, if you can replace them with

I am not exaggerating the scale of the problem. Let me cite a couple of figures taken from the recent ‘Data-Driven Marketing Trends Report’ by Informatica, Ascend2, and dun&bradstreet. According to it, the problems of today are as follows: 

  • Improving data quality is a serious concern for 57% of marketers 
  • Integrating data among platforms is an issue for 50% 
  • Measuring ROI based on data is a source of troubles for 37% 
  • Raising the level of data analysis is difficult for 35%  

We are capable of covering them. 

Sounds impressive. Can you define particular problems can resolve? No general figures, practical situations only? 

To name a few, we have already successfully resolved the following ones. 

We help manage communication between in-house media buying teams and external agencies and customers. It is much easier to check and verify data from your partners, negotiate difficulties, and evaluate their performance with us. eliminates the annoying monotony you experience while working with different UA channels simultaneously. If you combine various payment models (CPI, CPA, RevShare, etc.), countries, and creatives, we will make your complex activities more transparent.

We significantly reduce the recurring waste of time spent on reporting, with your reports becoming obsolete quickly.

This list can go on and on and on. 

Finally, can you say a couple of words about your job in general? 

There are many reasons to praise the company and people. Instead, I would like to name one simple fact. 

Every day, I’m surrounded by tech guys who can code. I am a marketing guy with no substantial tech background. And I have never felt uneasy with them. There is collaboration, understanding, assistance, and support. I value it!