JustControl.it: Team and Values

Great products are made by great teams. One needs a group of professionals united by a single powerful vision, joint aspirations, and common values to offer something truly new. In this post, we would like to share our thoughts regarding such values that, as we believe, make our team special and enable us to build an outstanding service. 

Our Principles

As we believe, JustControl.it has to change the way internet marketers work with their data, analyze it, and optimize it. Thus, our team consists of those seasoned professionals who have dedicated significant portions of their careers to the world of digital. Therefore, we all speak a common language and share the same priorities. However, we are brought together not only by our backgrounds and experiences, but also by our approach to engineering, development, and promotion. 

If you take a closer look at our product, you will notice that this product was envisioned and created by experts who believe in the following guidelines: 

– Mean what you promise 
– Be ahead of the curve 
– Dive deeper 
– Pay attention to details 
– Think of customized scenarios, always think of them

As our Head of Product says from time to time, ‘each member of our team must have both hands and heads.Heads without hands are useless. Hands without heads are helpless.’ 

Such a motto can be applied to any industry. At the same time, it is doubly so in such a competitive environment as digital marketing analytics. 

Our Values

When asked about his selection and evaluation criteria, our Head of Development, Roman Sulla, answers: 

‘First of all, I am happy to know that, even though there is no micromanagement at JustControl.it, we normally keep our deadlines. Second, it is possible mainly to the fact that each member of my team deserves trust, exhibits responsibility, and is reliable. Third, the source of such commitment lies in the fact that we all are aware thathard work pays offFourth, all the aforementioned values presuppose long-term cooperation. 

In other words, our credo is all about selective recruitment, creative cooperation, and proactive development.