JustControl.it and Digital Marketing Agencies: All Your Data Analysis Needs Covered

Working at a digital marketing agency is a constant challenge. Ever-changing traffic figures, lack of transparency, irritating discrepancies are permanent companions of analysts, media buyers, and account managers all over the world. We offer you to try JustControl.it, a brand new web analytics platform built specifically for agencies and their needs.

We do not want to make unsubstantiated claims. That is why we would like to start with a range of problems you might be experiencing right now. Here is an approximate list of what you might be doing at this very moment.

  • Are you working in different heterogeneous verticals?
  • Are you combining various platforms?
  • Are you to base your activities with publishers on complex models? 
  • Are you negotiating significant discrepancies with your partners?
  • Are you using several insufficient platforms to cover all your figures?
  • Are you facing the need to improve the way your own BI functions?
  • Are you experiencing frustration while working on a time-consuming report? 
  • Are you concerned about the confidentiality and reliability of your data flow? 
  • Are you processing raw data?

If you know any of the problems above, you need JustControl.it!

Here is what we can do for you!

JustControl.it can become your one-size-fits-all ETL solution for marketing analysis of your data. Any feasible data dimension, any custom metric, any layer will become easily accessible.

In other words, we are capable of resolving such tasks as:

  • Activating any data source of demand (social media, ad platforms, trackers, etc.)
  • Processing raw data for you and transforming it into valuable insights. 
  • Integrating JustControl.it with your own BI or other third-party solution of choice to cover your existing problems. 
  • Facilitating your cooperation with groups of publishers and individual publishers across multiple regions, zones, verticals, etc.  
  • Easily building custom metrics, entire new data dimensions, and projections for you.
  • Setting up and tuning a multi-layered system to manage access rights. With JustControl.it all your data is going to be stored in a single place under your control. You can monitor it 24/7 and restrict access. None of your former employees or other external persons will see it. 
  • Simplifying the lives of your development team needed to maintain and manage an efficient analytical solution. In fact, you do not even need such a team to handle JustControl.it. 
  • And the last but not the least, eliminating your data discrepancies once and for all.

If you feel like you need all these awesome features, book a demo at https://justcontrol.it, your source of digital marketing insights for truly data-driven marketing! 

We will be happy to show every capability of our system and tell you more about the special conditions offered to our new adopters this spring.