Email Integration: Processing Reports From Almost Any Source With

Simultaneous and reliable integration of data from numerous sources is one of the key advantages of To a great extent, such efficiency is generated by our module of e-mail integration. This brief overview is intended for those who want to learn more about this feature and do not want to go into too much detail. 

The basic idea of an e-mail integration module is to promptly and seamlessly receive data from tabular files such as csv, tsv, and xlsx. That is to say, if your source allows its data to be uploaded in these formats and to be sent via emails, will definitely cover it. After that, the data contained there will be transferred to our solution. 

At the same time, what makes special in this respect is not the capability per se, but its extent of customization. 

How Customizable?  

Briefly speaking, it is significantly customizable. In fact, you can adjust the data flow from your e-mail in numerous ways.

To name just a few, you can use the following capabilities:

  • One can define date formats for date-related columns. 

  • It is also possible to specify parsing formats which can then be applied to any column to extract the info you need (for example, you can extract the value of ‘100’ from ‘$100’). 

  • We save and carefully store a backup of each and every report, even an invalid one, in a safe encrypted storage. So, if a sudden problem makes itself felt, we can always restore data from a backup. 

  • Finally, we are planning to introduce another useful feature very soon. Namely, one of our main goals right now is to enable you to select and pick up certain columns only, not an entire table. More than that, we are going to add more convenient capabilities to import files not only via emails, but also via our API. 

As Dmitrii Zhukov, our Back End Developer points out, ‘we have dedicated a lot of effort to our email integration module, but that is worth this. It is an outstanding solution for your data flows’. 

Our Back-End Team Lead, Ivan Pomortsev adds: ‘email integration definitely belongs to the range of our strategic directions in which is being improved and upgraded right now. We have already implemented a lot. At the same time, there is still a lot to be continued. I mean, we are going to add new file formats, new capabilities to process ‘problematic’ formats, a greater degree of automation, etc. I believe that this capability, powered by AWS, holds great potential.