Efficient Macros for Your Custom Scenarios

We have good news for our customers! From now on, we can offer you our macros. It means that your life with JustControl.it will become even easier and more productive.


First, answer to yourself:

  • Do you want to streamline your media buying?
  • Do you want to simplify your everyday routine?
  • Do you want to resolve the tech-related challenges of marketing analytics quickly?

Then our macros will be extremely helpful!


What do we mean?

We mean that, right now, you might be struggling with a complex advertising scenario.

The problems associated with it might be as follows:

  • It may include quickly alternating rates based on different currencies
  • Or a specific case where multiple media buyers work on a range of offers
  • Or a situation with dynamic payout models
  • Or a need to apply common filters to heterogeneous bodies of data

If one of these issues is on your mind right now, then this post is for you!

To begin with, take a look at the picture below. What do you see?

Right! You see several special macros. 

In this picture, they are being utilized to simultaneously and quickly build and update reports you need. 

What is important is that these macros: 

  • Can be applied to multiple reports
  • Ease the load on the reports which makes the report building process less tiresome
  • Save your time and effort

In other words, with them at your disposal, your experience will be propelled to a new level of speed, simplicity, precision. 

If you want to know more, just let us tell you

  • What macros are
  • What kind of problem they resolve
  • How they function with us    

What Is The Problem?

As any of our customers, you are likely to use your customary business scenarios. Namely, you have a clue of what exactly you need to do to achieve a goal. This knowledge is based on your experience and expertise.

Such patterns may be cast into a formula or algorithm. If your operations successfully meet the criteria set by such a formula – or follow the proper algorithm – then your business goal is attained.

What Is The Difficulty?

The main difficulty is that your employees might still be using such formulas and algorithms via Excel Tables and Google Spreadsheets. They create new documents and add never-ending sheets covering new days/weeks/months. Then they meticulously and MANUALLY copy traffic data to them. 

This approach generates some difficulties, to name a few: 

  • It is necessary to make sure that the data added is correct
  • One should never forget to add this data
  • You also must constantly monitor the correctness of the indexes applied
  • Finally, your data is to be changed retroactively sometimes

JustControl.it and Your Data

Our solution is capable of obtaining data from the sources. JustContol.it can also use this data in virtually every imaginable way: we can multiply, add up, and divide your numbers. We are also able to filter them by certain conditions.

As a result, JustControl.it can apply any formulas required by your business patterns, even the most sophisticated ones.

How Do We Do It?

On the one hand, we can do it via our Merge Module.

This function enables us to merge pieces of data obtained from various sources and trackers, bring them into accordance, and apply different formulas to a body of data.

At the same time, this technique raises an issue. We need to create massive configs to launch a merge module (such configs have a particular property of ‘version’ control’, i.e. capability to ‘tune’ a special config to every new day). 
On the other hand, recently, we realized that it is too tiresome and time-consuming to maintain such an enormous configuration. Something had to be done with that.

And we found a solution! 

It is all about macros.

A macro makes it possible to take a part of a big configuration and move it to a special zone.

As for the config itself, it now contains just a sort of a ‘reference’ to this macro.

It is worth mentioning that each macro has its own property of version control.

Thus, each macro represents an individual logical unit of a customer’s business pattern.

Among other things, it allows adjusting rates related to a given source, country, or region. In fact, it is applicable to anything. Thus, a unique name and comment can be assigned to every macro which can be used in different configurations.

Let us put it plainly: you have several business patterns that are to be applied to several reports simultaneously. So instead of building a sophisticated configuration for each and every report, you can simply link reports to a specific macro (or several macros).

As simple as that.

Summing Up 

In one word, we can divide a big configuration into numerous small ones. It means that it will be much easier to edit and modify these small pieces rather than dealing with an enormous one.

By doing so, we significantly simplify our tech support for your complex scenarios and reduce the likelihood of errors and omissions!